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Democracy has not threat in Pakistan

Democracy does not threaten military's democratic demands

Democracy does not threaten military’s democratic demandsAsif Ghafoor said a press conference on Saturday in Rawalpindi that democracy is not a threat to the Pakistani army, and if there is a danger, there is no need for democracy to fulfill.

In this press conference in the context of exchange of health-related statements of the country’s economy between the Pakistani government and the army, he further added that the government should walk in the stability of the democratic system and for every kind of stability. Government needs to work.

He said that the Army Chief also has given the statement that there is no danger of democracy and there will be no work which will be against Pakistan’s constitution and the law.

‘Army spokesman warns economy economy’

Unhappy with former military Khawaja Asif’s statements

The US has barred the fight against terrorism ‘

In response to a question about Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s statement, Major General Asif Ghafoor started his speech with the words of Honor, saying: “I did not talk about one of my TV interviews, Outside limits and poverty. ‘

He also mentioned the recording of the interview and said that he did not say anywhere that the economy of Pakistan is depressing and getting unstable.

Remember that Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal told the army in response to the statement on the economy of the country that the army should avoid being expressed at the national level.

Answering more about this, he said that on the statement of the Interior Minister they were disappointed with being a civilian and a soldier.

He said that we all worked a lot. No institution can work alone and all have to work together.



‘I had said that the economy of the country has also been done very much. You see that when the security is not good then the economy will not be good and security will affect security if it is not good. ‘

Asif Ghafoor insisted that whatever he says is called by the army agency and he does not have his personal opinion.

With this plan, he presented figures of tax receipts last year by government, and said that last year only the government got only five percent of the direct tax.


In response to a question, he said that joint operation or joint operation of joint operations is said in the military term that the army of the Pakistani army and the other country should also operate in Pakistan.

‘Its concept was neither in the past nor is it now the full stop.’

Major General Asif Ghafoor recently quoted US couple from the tribal areas of Kurram Agency, saying that this operation is clear that if we cooperate with us and keep our trust, Pakistan will do everything that Pakistan’s In interest, it is in the interest of the region and is in the interest of anti-terrorism efforts.

“We have done a lot in our country,” he added. And if you have to do something now, you will definitely do it in your country and with your institutions. But if you speak in the context of another country, there is no longer a dacoit. ‘

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