Discover the human-made ‘bubble’ in space

NASA probes discover human-made

NASA probes discover human-made

Initially its various parts, including laboratory, heavy machinery and solar powered panels, were combined with each other with the help of the Russian spaceship in the space of each other. It has been repaired and changed during a period of time, and now the total amount of solar panels, along with the size of an American football, is weightless to about 35,000 kilograms.

After the second flight, the second head of the worm rose

The main objective of the establishment of this space center was related to long-standing and research in man’s space, and all the matters in its designing were equally important, which are considered to be necessary for human beings.


Five bedrooms for two living rooms, two bathrooms, gym for workout and a typical window of rotation on the hundred and sixty degree, designed to easily see the earth.


But the biggest issue for housing in space is the lack of gravity, as far as it is far from the center of the earth, the gravity gradually decreases, which is called ‘micro gravity’ as a low-potential force in the term of physics. Due to which astronauts have to face a ‘disorder’ condition and their physical system is severely affected due to permanent standing.


In this context there are many misconceptions among ordinary people and it is generally considered that there is no gravity in the space. According to the Newton Law Rule, there is a gravity between the two elements in the universe, under which the circuits of our solar system surround the sun, the surrounding countryside, the surrounding sun and the moon. Are ‘


But the lack of distance depends on the strength of the body. Since the international space center is built on a lower level, there is gravity nine percent of the surface of the surface, that is, if we lose weight of a vacuum, then we will have the same pounds on the space station. Now, in many ways, this question will be awakened, when there is gravity of nine percent there, then why do astrologers suffer from poverty?

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