The first woman in the world for a long period of time

women in space 1st time


A few years ago, to solve this problem, NASA manages to create artificial gravity here so that the risk of astonishing health can be reduced. A few specific chambers of space stations have been constantly arranged around their exchanges, which can control the circular effect by diminishing or increasing the distance from speed and exchange.


Generally it is understood that artificial gravity is a center of power, but not so, the attractiveness of the earth is already dragging the bodies to its center due to which they are suffering from free space in space. There was a need to force the power center to be circulated around Axis and it helped the astronauts to stay or stay in their place.


Due to this, it has been possible for a long time in the international space center, and last year American vacancies ‘Scott Kelly’ have successfully crossed the ground for the whole one year and has continued to investigate their physical efforts so that Complete preparations for the future of the mission mission, because NASA has announced a plan to send Mars to 2030.


Since November 2000, international space centers have been constantly updated and updated according to the needs of the Nasa, and according to NASA’s plans, it was to be activated till 2020, but due to some inevitable reasons, this period has increased by 2024. Has gone Recently, five sponsors have renewed the promise that cooperation of self-proprietary space will be continued in collaboration with each other.

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