Is life present on earth like new planets?


Is life present on earth like new planets?

Its simple answer is that all the components in space are due to gravity due to gravity due to continuous collapse, so the body is vulnerable to poverty. It can be considered better in a way that if a heavy stone and a bottom of the bird fall on the ground, the wind will slow down the wind, while the rock will fall down quickly. .


But if this experience is ‘Vacuum’ where the wind is not passed or done in space, the absence of wind and stone on the birds will fall due to the same proportion without any means. Usually multi-purpose buildings are being seen below the elevator and this freelance or freelance is observed. In the presence of medium ‘vitaka’ all the ingredients fall at the same speed and the same rotation effect.


Another question now is that the gravity on the space station, why does not it come on earth like other components? In the term of physics, this condition is said to be the quality or collapse of the falling fall. That gravity pulls it to the ground, but it completes itself at a speed of seventh five hundred and five hundred miles in a round of the earth, in a ninth minute, due to such a high speed, it is unconscious I wander.


This example can be more easily understood with the example that if you take the water in the bucket with a high speed, it will not fall without bucket while stirring continuously. If you turn aside, you must fall on top of it all together. Something similar is the circular rotation around the earth, where gravity is reduced by six times less than the earth.

The world is not ending in December, NASA

Initially, four to six months were planned to be held in the international space center for four to six months, where they had to investigate the future for ‘Mars Mission’ because they were also able to travel to Mars for a long journey. The caffeas were facing and the arbitrary laboratory in the space station’s mediterranean was the most suitable place for experiments at low gravity.


The experiences that were being done here for years of the year, were the most important ‘fireworks’, it was observed that the flame of fire in the space was spread slightly more than the earth, and it burned and burned it. Need to keep a high temperature. Due to the abstract in space, due to temperature rise, the temperature of heat does not rise upwards and goes down to take its place from cool to the surrounding area. Therefore, the flame is rising above the ground as a flame. The size of the shape is slightly expanded, and its blue color shows a high temperature. The process of fire in space will be worse than the earth.


In addition, more experiences in microprovailability include remarkable biology, estrobiology (astrological biology) and ecological changes on the ground. They helped to understand the process of cells in space and the growth of the tissue (tissue) which also contaminated in fire like space. During long periods of space, the physical system of astronomers, muscles and joints, has also been thoroughly investigated, lack of sleep, complications in system digestion, headache, mental disorders. Symptoms of stress and disorder were seen very common in astronauts.

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