Zubaida Appa Passed Away إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون

KARACHI: far-famed cook, change of state knowledgeable, and tv temperament Zubaida Tariq gave up the ghost weekday night here in metropolis.


Pakistan’s most well-liked celebrity cook Zubaida Tariq has gave up the ghost at the age of seventy two owing to a heart disease.


Born into an informed in family of Hyderabad Deccan in 1945, Zubaida was youngest of nine siblings that embrace late writer Moslem Surraya Bajiya and noted humorist Anwer Maqsood.


The family sailed to metropolis on Gregorian calendar month eighteen, 1948, directly when the autumn of the Hyderabad state, that was invaded by the Indian army on 9/11, the day the Quaid-i-Azam died here.


Zubaida Tariq was celebrated for her handy preparation and housework hints and gave credit of her skills to having adult up in a very joint family.


According to Zubaida Apa’s family, her observance prayers are going to be offered at swayer mosque DHA when Fri prayers.Samaa



KARACHI: Pakistan’s tv temperament and cook Zubaida Aapa breathed her last on weekday night at the age of seventy two. “Zubaida Apa gave up the ghost when temporary health problem. Her observance are going to be control at swayer mosque [in DHA space of Karachi] when Fri prayers,” her brother, Anwar Masqsood, told media.


Zubaida Tariq came to prominence within the late 90s owing to her recipes and residential remedies or totkas. She was thought to be a change of state mentor and thousands of individuals learned change of state by look her shows.


Her death flooded social media with acknowledgement messages during which outstanding personalities, politicians, writers, poets and actors expressed grief and sorrow over her dying.

Zubaida apa’s snow: Ab Kala Rahaiga Asian nation


Born to AN Urdu-speaking family at Hyderabad Deccan in United Asian nation in 1945, she migrated to Asian nation in conjunction with alternative relations once she was simply 2 years recent.


Her celebrated siblings enclosed writer Moslem Surayya Bajiya and poet Zehra Nigah. Her brother Anwar Maqsood is additionally one amongst the leading satirists of the country. however whereas her siblings excelled in numerous areas of literature, Zubaida selected for herself the art of change of state.


She conjointly worked on several television show and radio programmes.

KARACHI: far-famed cook, change of state knowledgeable, and tv temperament Zubaida Tariq gave up the ghost weekday night here in metropolis.


Her brother Anwar Maqsood confirmed the unhappy news, adding the celebrated skilled cook had been unwell for a few time.


Tariq’s observance prayers are going to be control in swayer musjid within the city’s Defence space when the Fri prayers.


She achieved fame doing preparation shows on TV and writing cookbooks. Her regular preparation recommendation segments on numerous TV channels were therefore common that Zubaida ‘Aapa’ became a unit name across Asian nation.


With a formal-sounding name “Mrs. Zubaida Tariq,” Aapa created her TV debut back in 1996 once she was in her 50s. Her initial programme — Dalda Hindu deity Dastarkhwan — presently went on to become a wide common evening engagement.


Aapa had 9 siblings, as well as writer Anwar Maqsood, author and writer Zehra Nigah, designer Sughra Kazmi, and therefore the late Moslem Surraiya Bajiya — a drama author.


Aapa wont to narrate that right when her wedding — whereafter she stirred to city — she had no plan concerning change of state, that is why the first-ever meal she ready at her in-laws’ house was ruined.


Interestingly, she had tried to organize “karhi, a chickpea flour dish, while not the important ingredient—yogurt—and tossed it out. To disguise her failure, she got dressed up and convinced her husband to require her out for Chinese food”, freelance journalist island Imtiaz wrote in Nov 2017.


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“I apprehend individuals can keep in mind ME well,” she had aforesaid, in keeping with Imtiaz.


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